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Company Profile


AMSA, Inc. is engaged in the discovery, development, and manufacture of cleaning products for industrial water treatment. We serve industrial customers around the world.

AMSA, Inc. sells DTEA II™ for deposit and corrosion control and is a distributor of DBNPA biocide.


DTEA II™ products are available as water-based liquid and slow release solid formulations. DTEA II™ is a multifunctional chemistry with multiple uses:

  • Dispersant, penetrating aid, and cleaner for organic deposit control and corrosion inhibitor for industrial water systems. Teamed with a biocide, it provides a biofilm control program and effectively reduces biocide usage.
  • Non-phosphonate corrosion inhibitor for copper, admiralty brass, and mild steel metallurgies. DTEA II™ may supplement or replace traditional triazole corrosion inhibitors.
  • Specialty inorganic scale control.

The original DTEA chemistry was introduced in 1993 and is no longer produced. DTEA II™ is an entirely redesigned and improved formulation. First sold in 1999, DTEA II™ has proven to meet our customers’ needs for a cost effective solution for their industrial cooling water systems. DTEA II™ is not warranted, sold or to be used as a biocide or for any purpose that directly or indirectly claims biocidal, biostatic, algaecidal, or fungicidal purposes in the USA.

Our Commitment to You

AMSA, Inc. is committed to providing the cooling water industry with effective and economical tools to improve operating efficencies while reducing costs. We are committed to the cost effective and green manufacture of DTEA II™-based chemical formulations.

We will provide leadership in the application of ATP analysis technologies in markets such as industrial cooling water and other water-based processes by providing affordable and sensitive ATP instruments and sampling devices.

With a strong foundation in research and development, we will meet our customers increasing needs for effective products and technical support.