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BCP™ 1000

BCP™ 1000 Series Chemistry: Classic DTEA II™

AMSA BCP™ 1000 series is the classic DTEA II™ chemistry that has been used for over 15 years to clean up cooling water systems and maintain clean surfaces in those systems!

BCP™ 1015 is the flagship DTEA II™ that penetrates, disperses and cleans organic deposits in industrial process cooling systems and commercial and residential building comfort cooling systems. It is especially useful in systems that re-use wastewater.

BCP™ 1015 is used to clean up fouled systems. When used as a part of a regular maintenance dosing program in conjunction with other industrial water treatment chemicals, surfaces are kept clean. For more see BCP 1015 Application Guide . . .


Key Features of the BCP™ 1000 series – a truly multipurpose chemistry

Penetrates, disperses & cleans organic deposits

Clean up fouled fill that hols scale and dirt deposits with BCP 1000 industrial water treatment chemicals.

Clean up fouled fill that holds scale & dirt deposits

  • Cleans fouled systems and keeps them clean
  • Results in clean equipment & piping surfaces

Benefits of deposit-free surfaces:

  • Less susceptible to microbially induced corrosion
  • More efficient heat transfer on exchanger surfaces
  • More efficient evaporation in the cooling tower fill
  • Less likely to harbor pathogens such as Legionella
  • More accessible to corrosion and scale inhibitors
  • Outward appearance of cooling tower is more attractive to facilities management

Inhibits yellow metal corrosion

  • Enhance standard azole programs

    Keep heat exchangers clean with BCP 1000 industrial water treatment chemicals

    Keep heat exchangers clean with BCP 1000 series products

Compatible with biocides at end use levels

  • Helps biocides (oxidizing and non-oxidizing) work more efficiently

Enables use of recycled water as cooling system make-up

  • When used with appropriate biocides, control biofouling in high nutrient recycled waters

Enables operation at higher cycles of concentration

  • Effectively disperses solids to maintain clean surfaces under high TDS and TSS condition

Contributes no nutrients which will support microbial/algal growth

  • Fully water soluble and does not require additional biodegradable organic solvents
  • Contain no phosphorus, therefore does not support algal growth

Effective in the presence of ammonia and hydrogen sulfide

  • Allows use in refinery cooling systems and systems using wastewater as make-up

Readily biodegradable

BCP 1015 is sold in 275 gallon totes, 55, 30, and 15 gallon drums, & 5 gallon pails.

BCP 1015 is sold in 275 gallon totes, 55, 30, and 15 gallon drums, & 5 gallon pails.

  • Rapidly degraded by native microbial populations when released at typical discharge concentrations into open natural environments

Stable in closed systems

  • Stable for many months at concentrations typically used in closed loop systems


BCP™ 1000 series industrial water treatment chemicals are an essential part of a Biofilm Control Program

BCP 1015 is the classic DTEA II-based biofilm control program chemistry used by water treatment professionals since 1999.  This standard formulation is compatible with most common water treatment chemicals and biocides. Combining BCP 1015, or other BCP™ products, with the action of oxidizing and non-oxidizing biocides delivers an effective Biofilm Control Program.

BCP 1030 is a special formulation designed for large systems and overseas use.  Contact us for more details.

BCP 1100 is sold as a manufacturing use product for formulation.  Contact us for more details.