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BCP™ 2000

BCP™ 2000 Series Chemistry: New Organic Deposit Cleaners

AMSA BCP™ 2000 series contains products that are organic deposit cleaners, penetrant aids, and dispersants like BCP™ 1000 series but are designed with special properties for unique applications.


Similar to BCP™ 1015, BCP™ 2430 is used to clean-up fouled systems and keep cooling water systems clean with a regular maintenance dosing regimen.


BCP™ 2430 has Unique Benefits:

  • Exceptional as dispersant, penetrant aid, and surfactant in algaecide control programs**
  • Designed for low ventilation space environments sensitive to odor
  • Low persistence (NPDES discharge permit benefit)
  • Biodegradable (NPDES permit discharge benefit)
  • Excellent direct mode of action to inhibit yellow metal corrosion