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BCP™ Products Overview

Do your water treatment programs maximize cooling efficiency?

Are the surfaces in your cooling water systems free of organic deposits?  Do your cooling tower chemical programs protect your metal surfaces from microbial influenced corrosion (MIC)?  Do you have good microbial control in your cooling water systems?  Water treatment programs that include AMSA BCP™ products can answer “yes” to these questions.

Watch AMSA’s “Biofouling Control in Industrial Water Systems” video, above, and learn how to achieve an effective Biofilm Control Program!

AMSA’s BCP™ Product Line

BCP™ 1000 Classic DTEA II™

Organic deposit penetrant aid & dispersant

BCP™ 2000 New Biofilm Control Program Products

Second generation organic deposit penetrant aid & dispersant

BCP™ 3000 New and Classic DTEA II™ Solid Products

Solid slow release tablets for small and medium systems

BCP™ 4000 All-in-One Formulations

Liquid scale and corrosion formulations containing DTEA II™

BCP™ 5000 Specialty Products – Geothermal

Sulfur deposit removal and prevention in geothermal cooling water systems

AMSA, Inc. chemistry brings many benefits to cooling water treatment programs.

AMSA customers have used BCP™ products to clean fouled systems and maintain clean surfaces in those systems for over 20 years.  AMSA cooling tower chemicals and process water chemicals have been a trusted solution to ‘Clean it Up & Keep it Clean’ for many water treatment service companies.  Below is one example of a clean-up application using BCP 1015 (DTEA II) in a super computer data center.

Pictured is an example of BCP™ 1015 (DTEA II™) cleaning up a process cooling water application in a super computer data center.