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Process Cooling Water

Large or Small Process Cooling Water Applications are Perfect for AMSA BCP™ Chemistry

Both open loop and closed loop process industrial cooling systems will have cleaner surfaces, allowing more efficient heat exchange and cooling when AMSA BCP™ chemistry is included in the chemical treatment program.

AMSA BCP™ 1000, 2000, & 3000 series products have been successfully used to provide penetration and dispersion of organic deposits in order to clean and maintain clean surfaces in large and small process cooling systems.  BCP™ chemistry in liquid formulations can be slug dosed, pumped semi-continuously, or added to an all-in-one drum formulation.  Solid slow release DTEA II™ tablets provide continuous treatment to control fouling, corrosion and scale in small and medium sized systems.

 Geothermal power plant cooling tower cleaned and maintained free of sulfur deposits with BCP™  5000 series chemistry.

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A small carbon fiber plant cooling tower kept clean by AMSA DTEA II™ slow release tablets.

small process CT 2