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New Patent: Use of BCP™ 5000 for Sulfur Deposit Control in Geothermal Power Plant Cooling Water.

AMSA, Inc. is pleased to announce the issuance of US patent 9,365,444, “Formulations for use in sulfur scale control in industrial water systems.” In particular, it claims a method for removal and inhibition of elemental sulfur deposits in geothermal utility cooling water systems. Foreign patents covering other countries with important geothermal resources have also previously issued or are pending. The sulfur fouling problem Geothermal energy production is an important and growing segment of the worldwide energy picture. In geothermal power plant cooling water systems where hydrogen sul ... Read more >

ATP Announcement

ATP Overview At AMSA, Inc. it has been our pleasure to serve the ATP industry for many years by offering our AMSALite™ line of ATP analyzers, a superior product to photodiode units, at a competitive price. We began selling our line of ATP analyzers in 1999 as a method for ascertaining the cleanliness and condition of industrial cooling towers prior to, during, and after treatment with our robust DTEA II™ chemistry. As a company we continue to emphasize and encourage ATP as a valuable tool for use in the treatment of industrial water systems. However, times and markets change and we at A ... Read more >

Moving Announcement

We have moved! Please update your records. As of Monday, April 2, 2012 AMSA, Inc. has new contact information: Phone: 989-662-0377 Fax: 989-662-6461 Our toll-free number is the same: 888-739-0377 New Corporate Mailing Address: 4714 S. Garfield Rd. Auburn, MI 48611 Billing/Remit To (No Change): P.O. Box 35 Auburn, MI 48611 If you have any questions please feel free to call us at the numbers listed above, or send us an email. ... Read more >