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  • Biofilm Control

    Biofilm Control is fundamental to many heat transfer and corrosion solutions. Transform standard water treatment programs into Biofilm Control Programs (BCP™) by including AMSA BCP™ chemistries.

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  • Biofilm Control Program (BCP™) Products

    BCP™ chemistry along with biocides provide an effective Biofilm Control Program (BCP™). DTEA II™-containing products are now sold under the BCP™ series names.

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  • Clean it Up & Keep it Clean™

    AMSA Chemistry is an effective organic deposit penetrant, dispersant and cleaner, especially in cooling water systems.
    It is designed to penetrate and release biofilm that adheres to surfaces, and maintain system cleanliness when used as a part of a routine treatment program.

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  • The BCP™ 5000 Series Chemistry Removes and Controls Sulfur Deposit in Geothermal Cooling Towers

    In a system with elemental sulfur deposits, DTEA II™ attacks the deposits, causing disaggregation and release of the deposits from system surfaces. Routine dosing of BCP™ 5000 products results in an effective sulfur control program.

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AMSA, Inc. is a specialty chemical manufacturer producing products for industrial cooling water treatment programs.

AMSA chemistry is a leading biodispersant used in biofilm control programs. Liquid products are used in slug (clean-up), semi-continuous (maintenance), or continuous modes (maintenance) in both small and large sized water cooling/process water systems. AMSA also specializes in solid slow release tablets which last about one month in small cooling tower applications. AMSA chemistry can be used in traditional scale & corrosion all-one-drum formulas.

How our Products work

Do your water treatment programs contain a biodisperant to maximize bioilm control?

  • Are the surfaces in your cooling water systems free of organic deposits?
  • Do your water treatment programs deliver maximum cooling efficiency?
  • Do your cooling tower chemical programs protect your metal surfaces from microbial influenced corrosion (MIC)?
  • Do you have good microbial control in your cooling water systems?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you may consider using AMSA BCP™ chemistry.

Watch AMSA's "Biofouling Control in Industrial Water Systems" video, above, and learn how to achieve an effective Biofilm Control Program!



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Customer Testimonials

  • DTEA II™ has become a cornerstone of cooling tower biofouling control.

    As a biodispersant, DTEA II™ has helped us to maintain excellent control of algae, fungus, and bacteria, especially when paired with a microbiocide.

    The DTEA II™ SR Plus SC tablets have been an excellent solution for control of organic and corrosion issues in small to medium towers. The ability to add a single tablet to a small basin once a month has meant a reduction in maintenance concerns and time spent treating small and medium towers.

    -Jerry L. Meyer Jr. CWT
    M.I.S. of America, Inc.
  • The DTEA II™  solid slow release tablets are an ideal ‘do it yourself’ water treatment program for keeping small cooling towers clean.  The tablets are especially convenient for comfort cooling towers located on a rooftop.


    -Richard Cannon
    Cannon Water Technology Inc.

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AMSA, Inc.™ se compromete a proveer a la industria de refrigeración de agua herramientas efectivas y económicas para mejorar la eficiencia en el funcionamiento mientras se reducen los costos.

Nos comprometemos a la fabricación de un DTEA II™ que sea económico y ecológico – basado en fórmulas químicas. Brindaremos liderazgo en la aplicación de tecnologías de análisis de ATP en mercados tales como la refrigeración industrial de agua y otros procesos basados en el agua, brindando instrumentos y dispositivos de muestreo ATP accesibles y sensibles.

Con una sólida base en la investigación y el desarrollo, cubriremos las crecientes necesidades de nuestros clientes por productos y soporte técnico efectivo.