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BCP™ Product Benefits

AMSA BCP™ chemistry brings numerous benefits to industrial water cooling systems. Water treatment programs deal primarily with three main issues:


Water Treatment Issues

water treatment issues

These issues cause numerous operational problems in process and comfort cooling water systems.

Operational issues 3

Biofilm control is at the core of many heat transfer and corrosion solutions (more). BCP™ products, which disperse biological deposits and clean surfaces, transform standard water treatment programs into Biofilm Control Programs (BCP™).

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AMSA BCP™ chemistry addresses water treatment issues through 3 main treatment approaches:

1. Stand-Alone Clean-up Chemistry
before on fill

Close-up of cooling tower fill Before clean-up with BCP™ chemistry

Penetrates and disperses biofilm

AMSA BCP™ chemistry penetrates organic deposits and releases them from surfaces with a clean-up dosage regimen.

after on fill

Close-up of cooling tower fill After clean-up with BCP™ chemistry

· Cleans heavily fouled systems
· Cleaning accomplished on-line
2. Component of a Biofilm Control Program (BCP™)
When applied in a coordinated manner with biocides, BCP™ products provide water treatment professionals with a highly effective Biofilm Control Program.

  • BCP products penetrate deposits and biofilm which allow biocides to travel deeper into the biofilm and have greater contact with the bacteria.
  • BCP products disperse biofilm into the bulk water which allow biocides increased contact with dispersed bacteria and work more effectively.
BCP Products
3. Ingredient in All-In-One-Drum Formulations
formulation drum BCP™ 1100 can be added to standard corrosion and scale formulations to bring the cleaning power of BCP™ 1000 series chemistry to your total water treatment program.

  • Adds organic deposit penetration, cleaning, & dispersion features to a one drum formulation
  • Increases yellow-metal corrosion inhibition
  • Dosed in a continuous, or semi-continuous manner helps keep surfaces clean and prevent scale deposition and corrosion.



See our Biofilm Control Videos for more information on how AMSA BCP™ products address water treatment issues.