ATP Announcement

October 21, 2014

ATP Overview

At AMSA, Inc. it has been our pleasure to serve the ATP industry for many years by offering our AMSALite™ line of ATP analyzers, a superior product to photodiode units, at a competitive price. We began selling our line of ATP analyzers in 1999 as a method for ascertaining the cleanliness and condition of industrial cooling towers prior to, during, and after treatment with our robust DTEA II™ chemistry.

As a company we continue to emphasize and encourage ATP as a valuable tool for use in the treatment of industrial water systems. However, times and markets change and we at AMSA, Inc. continue to evolve while maintaining focus on the market segments that provide the most value and benefit to our water treatment customers.

As of April 2nd, 2013, the following changes will take place:

  • All AMSALite™ units will no longer be available for purchase
  • Type II ATP Test Kits (Part# AMSA-0063C) will no longer be available for purchase through AMSA, Inc.
  • 3M AQT and AQF consumables (3M-0064T & 3M-0064F) will no longer be available for purchase through AMSA, Inc.

Available options:

  • Seeing how ATP continues to have its use in industrial water applications AMSA, Inc. will suggest the Clean-Trace™ NG Luminometer1 manufactured by 3M™. This unit shows to be comparable, in results testing, to the soon to be discontinued AMSALite™ IV.
  • Existing AMSALite™ IV warranties will be honored. Understanding the time and investment that goes into an ATP program, AMSA, Inc. will offer support for all AMSALite™ IV units, even those outside of warranty coverage via our PPR (Pay Per Repair) program. This gives you, the consumer, a repair route should your AMSALite™ IV unit require service.
  • For the current users of Type II ATP test kits we will encourage the use of Hygiena Ultrasnap™ consumables (Part# US20202). These consumables fit both the AMSALite™ III & IV units and will offer comparable readings to our discontinued Type II Test Kits.
  • For info on purchasing 3M™ AQT & AQF consumables we ask you to visit 3M™ Solutions3 for a listing of distributors closest to your locale.

If you have any questions we encourage you to speak with one of our sales professionals by calling or emailing us.


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