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BCP® 3000

DTEA II® Slow Release Tablets

“Cooling water solution in a tablet”

DTEA II® Solid Slow Release Formulations

Solid, slow-release DTEA II® tablets are designed to keep smaller cooling towers clean and protected. Two formulations provide the benefits of DTEA II as an organic deposit penetrant, dispersant and remover, as well as a yellow metal corrosion inhibitor – either alone, or in combination with added scale and mild steel corrosion inhibitors.

  • Slowly dissolves in water and releases active ingredient for up to one month
  • Designed for use in small and medium cooling water systems, and especially beneficial in systems that have minimal monitoring
  • Convenient service life
  • Eliminates the need for feeding equipment
  • Minimizes chemical exposure hazards
  • Cost effective
  • Provides the multiple uses of DTEA II®, such as penetrant, dispersant, and corrosion inhibition in circulating water systems
  • Patent protected technology (US Patent 9,090,495)
  • Private labeling available
  • Subscription service available for hassle-free ordering — ask for more details!
DTEA II slow release tablet – customer benefits
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Two formulations

DTEA II® SR penetrates, disperses, and removes organic deposits. In addition, it provides supplemental corrosion inhibition for copper. A single dose lasts 2-3 weeks depending on water temperature and flow conditions. DTEA II® SR can be used alone in select cases, but is typically used as part of existing water treatment programs that address microbial control, scale and inorganic deposit control, and corrosion control.

DTEA II® SR Plus SC with added corrosion and scale inhibitors penetrates and disperses organic deposits and also provides scale and corrosion control. A single dose lasts 3 – 4 weeks depending on water temperature and flow conditions. DTEA II® SR Plus SC can be used alone in select cases but most generally as part of existing water treatment programs that address microbial control.

How to Use

See “Guidelines for Use” and individual product data sheets (below) for more information on the tablets. Optimum dosage will depend on your specific system. For additional information, please refer to “Recommendations for effective use of DTEA II SR Plus SC in waters of different scaling index”. Case histories are also provided for DTEA II® SR Plus SC in small cooling towers.

Tablets may be immersed in the basin or suspended under the fill.

Use of DTEA II Slow Release tablets in a Biofilm Control Program

DTEA II SR and DTEA II SR Plus SC tablets can be used in conjunction with a biocide to provide an effective biofilm control program. One convenient way to apply a biocide product in smaller systems is by using a slow release-type tablet, such as DBNPA Sump Buddy*, which is also sold by AMSA. The DBNPA tablets have a similar lifetime to DTEA II slow release tablets, so it is convenient to apply them at the same time during site visits.

*Trademark of the Dow Chemical Company

How do you know the DTEA II slow release tablets are working?

DTEA II SR – These tablets keep surfaces clean of organic deposits and inhibit yellow metal corrosion. Thus, effectiveness can be monitored by overall system operating/performance parameters (heat transfer, flow rates, pressure), fouling index (ATP), and corrosion coupons/monitors.

DTEA II SR Plus SC – In addition to the methods described above for DTEA II SR tablets, monitoring the calcium carbonate scaling index is useful.

DTEA II slow release tablet used with a biocide – In addition to the methods above, test for population of living microbes with dipslides or similar methods.

In simple terms, effectiveness can be monitored visually by the absence of biological deposits and scale deposits on surfaces, and when used with a biocide, low bacterial counts as measured by dipslides. Since this product is intended for maintaining a clean system rather than clean-up of a fouled sytem, deposit release and associated ATP increase is not generally expected, although this might be observed when first used. Corrosion protection may be monitored with coupons or corrosion monitors (LPR) and water analysis for metal corrosion products.

Please also refer to our “Clean it Up and Keep it Clean” page which describes evidence of biofouling and some diagnostic tests.

Product data sheetsCase histories

Slow release product comparison

Organic deposit penetration by DTEA II®YesYes
Organic deposit dispersal by DTEA II®YesYes
Organic deposit removal by DTEA II®YesYes
Yellow metal corrosion inhibition by DTEA II®YesYes
Mild steel corrosion inhibition by additiveNoYes
Scale inhibition by additiveNoYes

Scenarios for using DTEA II® Tablets

Treatment schedule is for one month in a 25 RT system (up to 300 gallons of water).  Note: Each of these scenarios also includes a program for microbial control, such as DBNPA Sump Buddy.

Economic benefits of using DTEA II® tablets.  Cost reductions in:

Labor – DTEA II SR Plus SC tablets provide month-long protection allowing one site visit per month. Use of solid tablets instead of liquids is simpler, user friendly, reliable, and more convenient.
Energy and equipment – No pumps or feeders required. Effective protection provided by a convenient, economical treatment program means systems are likely to be better maintained, run more efficiently, and last longer, with a net cost savings to customers.
Shipping – Tablets are sold in packages of six or cases of 72. They are much more convenient to handle and ship than larger liquid product containers.  They can be shipped via package delivery companies such as UPS.


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