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BCP™ 5000

BCP™ 5000 Series Chemistry: Geothermal Utilities


BCP™ 5000 series products (containing DTEA II™) remove pre-existing hard sulfur deposits and control new deposit formation in geothermal power plant cooling water systems


BCP™ 5000 Series Products (containing DTEA II ™) penetrate, disperse and clean sulfur deposits in geothermal power plant cooling water systems as an ‘on-line’ cleaning program.  When used in a regular maintenance dosing mode, DTEA II™ prevents sulfur deposit formation.

See Applications – Geothermal for more information on how BCP 5000 series chemistry works in geothermal power plants.

Sulfur deposit accumulation in flow-lines.

sulfur in distrib pip

Sulfur fouling of cooling tower spray nozzles alters water distribution onto the top of the cooling tower fill.

sulfur filled nozzle




Uneven water distribution from fouled spray nozzles results in areas of minimal and heavy sulfur deposition in the fill.

sulfur in fill copy


Variable sulfur fouling in the fill results in zones of heavy and light flow of water through the fill.   Flooded zones experience poor cooling efficiency.

channeled water curtain short