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Biofilm Control Program (BCP™)

AMSA BCP™ Chemistry

An Effective Biofilm Control Program (BCP™) Needs More Than a Biocide


BCP Products


In a Biofilm Control Program, the biocide provides sanitizing efficacy and BCP™ chemistry (including DTEA II™) provides:

  • Organic Deposit Dispersant- Keeps solids suspended in water and prevents deposits from forming
  • Penetration Aid- Bores into the biofilm matrix to allow the biocide to penetrate the surface of the biofilm and more effectively kill bacteria encased within the biofilm.
  • Cleaning Power- Removes deposits from surfaces after they have formed


Biocides alone do not get the job done.

The addition of an organic deposit dispersant such as BCP™ 1015, BCP™ 2430, or BCP™ 2175 transform an ordinary industrial water treatment program into a Biofilm Control Program.


This graphic illustrated how using a biodispersant for cooling tower treatment with a biocide controls biofilm.

For a brief summary of the science and technology of biofilms and their control in our industry, please see the Biofilm Basics page.

The visual results of adding an effective biodispersant into an industrial cooling water chemical treatment program are impressive. These before and after pictures illustrate the results of a good biofilm control program.

Tower fill before AMSA BCP™ chemistry Tower fill after AMSA BCP™ chemistry

And remember…….

Effective Legionella Control requires an effective Biofilm Control Program