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Clean it up!

AMSA BCP Chemistry Cleans Up Fouled Industrial Cooling Water Systems!

If you see any of these fouling issues in your cooling water systems, you need AMSA BCP™ chemistry solutions!


AMSA BCP™ Chemistry Cleans Up Fouled Industrial Cooling Water Systems.


When used with an oxidizing or non-oxidizing biocide, AMSA BCP™ chemistry provides an effective Biofilm Control Program.

Use BCP™ 1015, BCP™ 2175 or BCP™ 2430 in your organic deposit cleaning process!

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Clean-up Dosing

“Cleanout Dose” for cleaning very heavily fouled surfaces:

  • Dose at 50-100 ppm of BCP™ chemistry.
  • Best practice is to let BCP™ chemistry circulate through the system for 1-2 hours to penetrate and disperse organic deposits & trapped inorganic debris.
  • Turn off blow down to keep chemistry in the system.
  • Follow with a dose of an oxidizing or non-oxidizing biocide to kill the bacteria in the released organic deposits.
  • Perform a manual blow down process to remove released organic deposits & non-organic deposits.
  • Filtration, if available, will assist in removing released solids.
  • Repeat dose and manual blow down until system quality control measurements such as ATP, visual inspection indicate a satisfactory clean up.

Check out the BCP 1015 or BCP 2175 application guides for complete dosing guidelines.

How do You Know AMSA Chemistry is Working?

You can see organic deposits, dirt and other inorganic materials washed off system surfaces often within 15 – 30 minutes of dosing.


A cleaning slurry is formed when AMSA BCP™ chemistry is working. You can see the organic and inorganic deposits carried in the slurry.

Within 15 to 30 minutes you will usually see the formation of a thick slurry carrying organic and inorganic deposits. This shows you the cleaning action is taking place. The slurry will dissipate back into the bulk water and AMSA BCP™ chemistry will be re-released into the system and start working again to clean surface organic deposits!

If you have any foaming concerns, use anti-foam to knock the slurry down. You can also start by dosing at a rate lower than you planned dosage and increase the ppm of product until you see the cleaning slurry form.

Examples from the Field – Cleaning it Up!

Chiller surfaces in an injection mold plant are cleaned up

Surfaces of a packaged chiller used to produce low temperature chill water for an injection mold application had biofouling issues causing frequent production issues. Using 15 ppm of BCP™ 1015 and a few ppm of biocide, cleaned up the chiller surfaces.

Cleanup of cooling tower fill at an electric power plant



Seeing BCP Chemistry in Action – A heavily fouled rooftop cooling tower is cleaned up with BCP™ 2175

A major commercial complex HVAC system is cleaned up and shows Legionella counts brought down

A major commercial complex with a 5,500 RT HVAC system was cleaned up with BCP™ 1015. Legionella counts went from >120 to Not Detected. Legionella was successfully controlled with a maintenance program including BCP™ 1015.

Data Center Clean-Up


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