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Maintaining Microbiological Control in Cooling Towers

Go Beyond the Clean-up Power of AMSA BCP™ Chemistry

Witnessing the clean-up of a heavily fouled cooling tower or cooling water system can be a dramatic experience. Many customers are sold on the strengths of AMSA BCP™ products to penetrate/disperse/clean biofilm in cooling water systems after seeing clean-up applications similar to the one pictured here.

In fact, many customers have won accounts by performing chemical cleanings in cooling towers, chillers, and closed loop systems with AMSA chemistry.  However, a good cooling tower maintenance program prevents the need for cleaning a heavily fouled system.

Tower Fill Before and After BCP™ Chemistry

Consider Preventing the Need for a Clean-up in the First Place

An alternative strategy for the use of AMSA BCP™ products is applying them in conjunction with a full water treatment program in a maintenance dosing regimen.   This type of cooling tower maintenance program results in:

  • Surfaces that are kept clean.  Clean cooling water surfaces are important because they foster:
    • Less potential for microbially influenced corrosion (MIC)
    • Better performance from corrosion and scale inhibitors
    • Decreased opportunity for biofilm to harbor pathogens such as Legionella Pneumophila
    • More efficient heat transfer on exchanger surfaces
  • Cooling systems that run closer to design and more efficiently.
  • Oxidizing and non-oxidizing biocides work more effectively so that the biocide can more readily kill the bacteria with the biofilm penetration and dispersion help of BCP™ products.
  • Clean systems are less likely to get ‘out of control’ in between service visits.

Overall, adding AMSA BCP™ products routinely to a water treatment program offers water treatment service companies the security that their programs are working as designed and customer satisfaction is achieved with a well maintained cooling water system!

The following video shows the value of AMSA BCP™ products in a maintenance dosing program to keep your system clean.

Four Methods to Use BCP™ Products in a Maintenance Mode

Chemical Dosing Station

Chemical Dosing Station

1) Regular slug dosing with BCP™ 1000 or BCP™ 2000 series liquid products.

2) Continuous feeding of BCP™ liquid products.

DTEA II™ Solid Slow Release tablets provide a maintenance program for up to 1 month
3) Hanging AMSA’s solid slow release tablets in your smaller cooling towers.
AMSA chemistry in all-in-one drum formulations is perfect for cooling tower maintenance programs.
4) Feeding an All-in-One Drum formulation containing AMSA BCP™ chemistry as your scale control, corrosion inhibitor and surface cleaning solution.


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    Planta Geotérmica Momotombo, Nicaragua

    Jose Guido

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