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AMSA, Inc. sells Dow Sump Buddy™ DBNPA tablets as a complement to our DTEA II™ products and as a service to our customers. This solid, water-soluble formulation releases DBNPA biocide at a slow rate as it dissolves in water. It has all the biocidal performance expected of the DBNPA liquid formulation, that is, a highly effective quick kill and subsequent rapid degradation.

Applications and Dosage

Designed for small cooling towers. One tablet per 500-1,000 gallons. Lasts up to 3 weeks.

Improved performance

Tablet form has improved performance over the liquid formulation in alkaline systems. Continuous biocide release by the tablet maintains concentrations effective for control in the tower, while the biocide in the blowdown discharge degrades quickly. So it’s easy to meet strict environmental regulations on tower discharge.

Improved cost effectiveness

Because DBNPA tablets provide highly effective microbial control at very low use rates, they’re much more cost-effective than isothiazolinone biocide or glutaraldehyde. It is also cost-competitive with bromine but with more effective, longer-lasting control.


Tablets are suspended in a mesh bag and placed in a water stream in the tower. No side-stream flow or bypass feed systems are required. There are no pumps or other complex mechanical equipment to maintain.


Tablets of DBNPA won’t dust like free-flowing powders or splash, spill, or leak like liquids. Plus, due to their slow release form, handling is required only once every three weeks. Although chemical worker’s goggles and gloves should be worn while handling DBNPA tablets, these safety features significantly reduce the handling hazards associated with liquids and powders which are loose.