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Plant Operator Level I

Job Title: Plant Operator Level I

Company Description:

AMSA, Inc. is a steady growth company headquartered in Auburn, MI with near-by production (conversion to final product & logistics), and related chemical manufacturing. AMSA, Inc. is a specialty chemical product manufacturing company, with proven staying power (23 years in business), selling to industrial cooling water treatment service companies and product distributors. AMSA, Inc. is a manufacturer for some of the world’s leading companies, but its main customers are small water treatment service companies.  AMSA sells directly into 10 countries and is committed to creating and growing local jobs and careers.


AMSA Inc. provides both solid as well as liquid products which are used in chemical treatment programs for biofilm control, metal corrosion control, Legionella disease control, and specialty inorganic deposit control.

Main responsibilities for this position are as follows:

  • Press operator: the press operator will be responsible to take a dry formula and press it into tablet.
  • Packaging: once the tablets are pressed, the operator will be responsible to pack the tablet in mesh netting, individual packaging, bag packaging, and case packaging.
  • Quality Control: the press operator will be required to maintain a high level of quality control, overseen by the production manager, to ensure quality products are sent to customers.
  • Record keeping: the operator must maintain accurate records of each batch pressed.
  • Powder mixing: eventually the operator may be asked to mix the entire formula from scratch.


  • $10 – $12 depending on experience

Additional responsibilities for this position are as follows:

  • General laborer which may include but is not limited to assisting the production manager, general landscaping/yard work, painting, and assisting maintenance personnel on different projects.

Candidacy Requirements:

  • A high level of personal accountability
  • Self-disciplined
  • Good attention to detail
  • Flexible and willing/able to learn independently
  • Able to take direction, but also be able to be self-directed at times
  • Aptitude for mechanical skills
  • Experience with assembly line production is preferred
  • Hold a valid drivers’ license and reliable transportation
  • Able to work paid overtime (if necessary)
  • Agree to random drug testing. AMSA has zero tolerance for substance abuse.

Note: AMSA will complete a background check as a part of the hiring process.

How to Apply:  

Please read this entire posting before applying.  We are looking for qualified candidates who can specifically address the requirements we have outlined.

Qualified applicants must submit resume (in PDF format) via e-mail here.  Candidates are expected to submit resumes as attached files (no links) along with an email explaining how their qualifications meet our requirements.

No phone calls please.  Only applicants under consideration will be contacted.

We expect candidates to be familiar with our company as per our website (www.amsainc.com) prior to the interview.

Hiring Process: 

  1. Resume submission attached to an introductory e-mail
  2. Phone Interview
  3. Initial Face-to-Face HR Panel Interview
  4. Follow up Interview with Hiring Team
  5. Testing Phase
  6. Job Offer