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Complimentary Services

Private Labeling

AMSA, Inc. provides complementary private labeling to customers for liquid BCP® products.  For solid products, private labeling is offered for a nominal fee.

Trucking terminal and warehousing services

AMSA, Inc. offers blind shipping of your private labeled product to your customers. Additionally, customers can purchase in bulk and take advantage of nominal storage charges.

Pailing and Drumming of Bulk Purchases

For bulk purchases, we can package in smaller drums and pails. Subject to order minimum.

Technical Customer Support

AMSA, Inc. is  First and Foremost a Technically Based Company

One of the hallmarks of AMSA, Inc. is the high degree of technical support it brings to its customers. Core R&D staff include eight Ph.D. level scientists whose average industrial experience in Fortune 100 companies is over 25 years each.

The AMSA, Inc. team includes a technical staff comprised of scientists experienced in the fields of industrial water treatment, biocide active development, organic chemical synthesis, microbiological testing, slow release technology, petroleum microbiology, chemical product and process development, analytical chemistry, corrosion testing, and polymer synthesis and development.

Call on AMSA’s technical and scientific staff to help you transform your standard water treatment program into a Biofilm Control Program that will:

Clean it Up & Keep it Clean®

Contact us with any technical support questions you have regarding the use of our chemistry via:

  1. Email:
  2. Phone: 989-662-0377
  3. Live Chat (during business hours 8 am. to 5 pm. EST)