Senior Process Support & Product Development Organic Chemist

May 20, 2022

Posting: v 051222-001 agr

 Job Title: Senior Process Support & Product Development Organic Chemist

Job Description/ Duties:

AMSA, Inc. is seeking an organic chemist with industrial experience, to work at lab scale up to several liter scale and to have commensurate hplc, gc, and related instrument on hands experience.

This scientist will be responsible for leading all organic analytical activities in support of organic chemical synthesis & chemical process optimizations, product line extensions, and product development employing hplc, ion chromatography, gas chromatography equipped with various detectors, hand held photometers used in outside-of lab environments.

Any and all polymer analysis/characterizations experience, specifically, gpc/sec, would be ideal. Experience in metal corrosion testing or product physical testing methods would be also be ideal.

Compensation & Benefits:

Base compensation: Commensurate with experience
Health care options:
Retirement/Savings Plan: 
Offered (Simple IRA with company matching options)
Paid vacation commensurate with years of service.Company Description:

AMSA, Inc. is proudly in its 26th year of operations as a Michigan founded, and Michigan based specialty chemical manufacturer of industrial cooling water treatment products specific for biofilm control, with related uses in metal working fluid additives industry (corrosion/biofilm control programs). In addition AMSA products serve a global niche market in the prevention/cleaning of sulfur deposition in geothermal power plants, a problem all over the world.

AMSA, Inc. has operations in Bay City Michigan and Auburn Michigan with a diverse work force, about 20 folks, full and part time, with average years served of about 12, with some serving over 20 years. serving a diverse domestic and international customer base. AMSA, Inc. is in a growth mode, with excellent opportunity for growth.

Skill Testing & Assessment:

As this position is a senior scientist position, technical, trade journal, scientific journals, patents, and work history, including references of scientific and technical peers, along with any and all related information will be the basis to ensure the success of the candidate.

The academic records, submitted by the candidate, and his or her other documents attesting to the candidate’s qualifications may be required.

How to Apply:  

Qualified applicants, please submit two documents, one, a cover letter and the other, resume (PDF) via e-mail to

Please help us out, specify where you found our job posting (which website, newspaper, messenger pigeon, etc. ) as this is important for us to determine how we can do a better job of outreach.

Hiring Process:

  1. Resume & cover letter submission
  2. Phone Interview
  3. Initial video teleconferencing with HR team
  4. Initial teleconference interview with Technical Team
  5. Follow up Interview at HQ(headquarters) and site visit (fully masked, thermal imaging)
  6. Job Offer

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