Clean it up – How to elevate your cooling tower cleaning protocols with AMSA products

Get the best performance from your spring cleanup/start up program by adding AMSA organic deposit cleaner/dispersant chemistry to your cleanup process.

  • Along with your water treatment service company’s recommended corrosion inhibitor package, dose BCP® Chemistry at 100-200 ppm of product.
  • Use blow down or filtration to remove the suspended debris.
  • After the initial flush-out of the system as debris is suspended and removed, dose with oxidizing or a non-oxidizing biocide to kill the bacteria in the system. 
  • Once the cooling tower is cleaned and the water treatment service company’s start up procedures are followed, a maintenance dose of the scale and corrosion inhibitor, organic deposit cleaner/dispersant (such as BCP® chemistry) and a biocide program can be re-established.

Want to know more? To learn more about using AMSA chemistry to cleanup cooling water systems click here.

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