System Clean Up

AMSA BCP® Chemistry Cleans Up Fouled Industrial Cooling Water Systems!

If you see any of these fouling issues in your cooling water systems, you need AMSA BCP® chemistry solutions!

AMSA BCP® Chemistry Cleans Up Fouled Industrial Cooling Water Systems.

When used with an oxidizing or non-oxidizing biocide, AMSA BCP® chemistry provides an effective Biofilm Control Program.

Use BCP® 1015BCP® 2175 or BCP® 2430 in your organic deposit cleaning process!

Click here to see AMSA’s Winter Shutdown & Spring Clean up Guide

A cleaning slurry is formed when AMSA BCP® chemistry is working. You can see the organic and inorganic deposits carried in the slurry.

Within 15 to 30 minutes you will usually see the formation of a thick slurry carrying organic and inorganic deposits. This shows you the cleaning action is taking place. The slurry will dissipate back into the bulk water and AMSA BCP® chemistry will be re-released into the system and start working again to clean surface organic deposits!

If you have any foaming concerns, use anti-foam to knock the slurry down. You can also start by dosing at a rate lower than you planned dosage and increase the ppm of product until you see the cleaning slurry form.

Examples from the Field – Cleaning it Up!

Chiller surfaces in an injection mold plant are cleaned up

Surfaces of a packaged chiller used to produce low temperature chill water for an injection mold application had biofouling issues causing frequent production issues. Using 15 ppm of BCP® 1015 and a few ppm of biocide, cleaned up the chiller surfaces.

Cleanup of cooling tower fill at an electric power plant

Seeing BCP Chemistry in Action – A heavily fouled rooftop cooling tower is cleaned up with BCP® 2175

A major commercial complex HVAC system is cleaned up and shows Legionella counts brought down

A major commercial complex with a 5,500 RT HVAC system was cleaned up with BCP® 1015. Legionella counts went from >120 to Not DetectedLegionella was successfully controlled with a maintenance program including BCP® 1015.

Data Center Clean-Up

Would you like to know more about how AMSA BCP® chemistry cleans industrial cooling water systems or do you have a question about a specific application?

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