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2018 Trade Shows!

AMSA, Inc. has 2 main trade show exhibitions on its docket for the Fall of 2018.

AWT Convention Booth 1& Exposition – Orlando, FL September 26-29. Come talk with our sales & technical team about using AMSA BCP™ chemistry in cooling water applications. For more information about the AWT exhibition go to http://www.awt.org/annualconvention18/

GRC Annual Meeting & Expo – Reno, NV, October 14 – 17. Visit us to learn about our BCP™ 5000 series chemistry for sulfur deposit removal and prevention in geothermal power plant cooling water systems. Also discover how BCP™ 5000 chemistry works in a biofilm control program and learn about AMSA’s past success since 2003 in geothermal power plants in Mexico and the Philippines and its expansion into new facilities in New Zealand. For more information on the GRC Expo visit the event’s website at http://geothermalexpo.org/meet-new.html


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