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New Patent: Use of BCP™ 5000 for Sulfur Deposit Control in Geothermal Power Plant Cooling Water.

AMSA, Inc. is pleased to announce the issuance of US patent 9,365,444, “Formulations for use in sulfur scale control in industrial water systems.” In particular, it claims a method for removal and inhibition of elemental sulfur deposits in geothermal utility cooling water systems. Foreign patents covering other countries with important geothermal resources have also previously issued or are pending.

The sulfur fouling problem

Geothermal energy production is an important and growing segment of the worldwide energy picture. In geothermal power plant cooling water systems where hydrogen sulfide is present, deposits of elemental sulfur commonly form which foul the piping, spray nozzles, and fill in cooling towers. This fouling can have a great impact on heat transfer, cooling efficiency, and ultimately the economics of power generation.

Sulfur deposits in direct contact condensers reduce efficiency of the geothermal steam condensation process.
Flowlines with restricted flow due to sulfur fouling.

Features of AMSA technology

In rigorous testing in large geothermal plants in Mexico and the Philippines, BCP™ 5000 has been shown to be the only chemistry effective in removing pre-existing hard elemental sulfur deposits, and in preventing the formation of new elemental sulfur deposits. As a result, it provides a valuable method to keep production plants operating at peak efficiency and economically competitive. This is another example of the cleaning and dispersing efficacy of AMSA’s BCP™ technology in industrial water systems.

Sulfur deposits released from flow-lines after treatment with BCP™ 5000

Read more (https://amsainc.com/geothermal/).

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  1. nice article,I like it.

  2. Alfonso Salinas says

    Do you have any experience feeding BCP5000 to remove/prevent sulfur scale in anaerobic digesters. Any concern affecting biomass in anaerobic digesters?


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